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have you ever studied so much that you kinda felt apathetic and shit so you turn to tumblr to procrastinate and realise that it’s probably not a good idea but you continue anyway as you post cat gifs and game of thrones garb wondering why everyone else is so self-indulgent as if their life is a Coldplay song and Chris Martin is narrating their pretentious existence in his kermit-the-frog-on-a-little-bit-of-helium voice but then I look at my page and this one train of garbled thought rests there fucking with people because there are no periods or commas or any of that just a bunch of conjunctions like a paragraph with conjunctivitis so everything kind of sticks but you can’t see a thing but I don’t remove it for your convenience and rather keep it up because it’s a reminder of that one time you procrastinated which will make future and past you say to present you “how do you like them apples?”

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